Geography of India

Geography of India

Geography of India

1. What is the location of India in terms of area? Seventh

2. What place is India's place in terms of population- second

3. Which countries are in the north of India - China, Nepal, Bhutan

4. Which country is east of India - Bangladesh

5. Which country is in the west of India - Pakistan

6. Which is the ocean in the southwest of India - Arab Sea

7. Which bay is in the southeast of India - Bay of Bengal

8. Which ocean is in the south of India - Indian Ocean

9. From what country does the Purbanchal hills separately India from Myanmar?

10. Gulf of Mannar and Pak Strait separates India from India - from Sri Lanka

11. What is the horizontal expansion of whole India - 8 ° 4 'to 37 ° 6' North latitude

12. Which line passes through the middle of India - Cancer line

13. India's expansion from north to south - 3214 km

14. India's expansion from East to West - 2933 km

15. Where is the Andaman and Nicobar Islands located in the Bay of Bengal

16. Where Lakshadweep is located - in the Arabian Sea

17. What is the southern end of India - Indira Point

18. Indira Point is also known by the other name - Pigmillion Point

19. Area of ​​India is of the area of ​​the world - 2. 42%

20. What percentage of the total population of the world resides in India- 17%

21. What is the total area of ​​India - 32,87,263 square kilometers

22. Which countries are located in India's land border - Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Verma, Bhutan

23. India's water boundary meets which countries - Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan

24. The Cancer line passes through which states - Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Tripura and Mizoram

25. How many latitudes are the southern boundary of India's mainland - 8 ° 4 '

26. Where is the standard time of India taken from place called Naini near Allahabad

27. What is the difference between India's standard time and Greenwich time - 5 1/2

28. What is the distance to the south end of India from the equator - 876 km

29. What is the length of India's land boundary - 15200 km

30. What is the length of the coastline of India's main land - 6100 km

31. Length of India's total coastline (including island groups) - 7516 km

32. On what percentage of entire India there is an expanse of mountains and hills - 28.8%

33. How many areas of the whole of India are the plain expanse - 44%

34. What is the number of states with coastline in India - 9

35. Which state has the longest coastline - Gujarat

36. Cancer line goes through how many states of India- 8

37. Which place is near the equator - Indira Point

38. Where Indira Point is located - In Andaman-Nicobar Islands

39. Which state has the smallest coastline - Goa

40. India's land border is the highest with which country - with Bangladesh

41. Which geographical part of India is ancient - Peninsular Plateau

42. What is known as the eastern coast of India - Coromandel Coast

43. Where is the Konkan coast located from here - from Goa to Daman

44. The islands of Lakshadweep group originated through whom- by the coral

45. Where is New Moore Island - Andaman Sea

46. ​​Which island is situated between India and Sri Lanka - Rameswaram

47. The number of total islands of the Lakshadweep group is: 36

48. The total number of islands in the Lakshadweep group is inhabited by humans 10

49. Which place in India is known as 'white water' - Siachen

50. The part of Jammu and Kashmir which is in the possession of China, what is called - Oxai China