Political position of India in 1526 AD

Political position of India in 1526 AD

In 1526 AD, the political political condition of India was thought at the time of the invasion of India; in which Delhi was on the path of eternal progress and the entire country, which was the beauty of the state, all the states fought together among you; There was no powerful ruler who could establish political unity by eliminating small independent states, even though the rulers were absorbed in selfishness Among them was the sheer lack of national unity were.

Political position of India in 1526 AD

How was the political condition in 1526 AD

Delhi was caught by the collapse of the Delhi Sultanate in 1526 AD. This state was now restricted to Delhi and its adjoining areas. Here the ruler Ibrahim Lodi was a very stubborn and arrogant person, because of his harsh attitude, he It was not popular that there were revolts around his kingdom; Powerful cadres like Daulat Khan Lodi were dreaming to become the ruler of India in the morning

In 1526 AD, Daulat Khan Lodi declared himself an independent ruler of Punjab. This was the reason that Ibrahim had captured Dilawar Khan, son of Daulat Khan, but he escaped from captivity. Daulat Khan took revenge for this insult Ibrahim Lodi's uncle Alam Khan joined him and he invited Babar to attack India.

Mewar, Mewar was a powerful state in the sixteenth century. Rana's ruler was a very brave and powerful ruler. He had won many victories. He had a powerful army. According to the History Car Games Dance 80000 Horsemen 7 Most High King 9104 Rawal and Rawat Sardar, with his 500 war elephants, wanted to set up a Hindu kingdom by ending the Muslim rule in India.

Bengal Bengal was an integral part of the Delhi Sultanate at the time of Mughal Tughlaq, it had become independent when Nusratshah was the ruler of Babar's invasion. He was a very capable and powerful ruler, he had great affection from Bengal, he translated the Mahabharata into Bangla language, his state was very prosperous financially.

Malwa was a politically significant state. 1435 Mahmud Khalji had established a Swatantra Rule here. He was a competent ruler. In 1526 AD, Mahmud II was the ruler of Malwa, during his time Madni Rao Salt Rajput used all his powers. Mehmood got disturbed as Medan, but Medni Rao defeated Mahmood badly with the help of Rana, he returned the rule of Malwa, hence the atmosphere of political discontent was created in Malwa.

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