Reasons for Battle of Plassey

Reasons for Battle of Plassey

After the death of Alwardi Khan in 1756, when Sirajuddaula sat on the seat of Bengal as the Nawab of the Bengal, he refused to provide business facilities to the Britishers. The fight between the British and the Nawab of Bengal soon started. The Battle of Plassey in 1757 AD The war in which the British won this war not only received British merchandise but also conquered them on India. Rna also been incidents due Battle of Plassey and the results were as follows
Reasons for Battle of Plassey

Sirajuddaula's disgrace on 9 April 1756, after the death of Alvardi Khan, Sirajuddaula became the Nawab of Bengal, but according to the standard, the British had neither given any nawab to the new Nawab nor did Nawab present in his court regard it as an insult to him.

Some Hindus in Bengal were not happy with the administration of the Hindus, among them Jagat Narayan Seth and Kishan Chand traders of Kolkata were famous as soon as the British came to know about this they started helping against dissident Hindus Nawab Nawab Sirajuddaula Wanted to take action against the British

Fortifications in Kolkata Both the British and the French were fortifications in Kolkata to strengthen their position. The Nawab, while feeling the aspiration of the danger, ordered them not to make fortifications, the French accepted the command of the Nawab but the British captured it. Now the Nawab wanted to teach a lesson to the British

Apart from all this, there were other reasons for the War of Plassey, as the British misused the business facilities, the black hole accident, British occupation of Kolkata and the conspiracy against Sirajuddola were due to this war.

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