Vedic civilization 1500-600 BC

Vedic civilization 1500-600 BC

⦁ According to Bal Gangadhar, Arya's Desi Des Desh was dhuvr

⦁ Four Vedas, Yajurveda, Samaveda, and Vyavhavdev

⦁ The oldest is the Vedas; 10 grams in 10 grams and 1028 sq.

⦁ The second to the 7th division is called the division

The 9th division of ⦁ ⦁gdvd is called the Som Mandal. In the tenth division of Gwad, the man is the Sukta in which the evidence of the origin of all four letters is mentioned.

की The main feature of Yajurveda is rituals

⦁ Sudas defeated Anaryo

In the Gwad, the barber was called the puppy

⦁ The first thing to do was to get the Vedic period

⦁ The priest who prayed was said to be and the tax collector was called Bhagadguda

⦁ की The significance of the Gravda era was the entire river Sindhu. The mention of Gayatri Mantra is in the third division of Gwad.

Saraswati river is considered to be the most sacred river in ⦁ ॠgwd

⦁ ⦁ ॠ ॠ ॠ ॠ ॠ ॠ कहा कहा कहा कहा कहा कहा कहा कहा कहा कहा कहा

⦁ Bharata's total priest was called Vashishta and the king was the chief palanquin priest.

⦁ The police were called in the fierce agony

The word sung in ⦁ ॠ gwd has been used 174 times in the word and 24 times

के The first letter of the Ashram system is in the Chadogya Upanishad.