100 important science questions | science gk questions in english

100 important science questions? science gk questions in english free study meaterial 

science gk questions in english,
100 important science questions?

1.What is the smokeless nun and management?
Answer: Epiculture
2. Is vitamin A helpful in blood clot formation?
Answer: K
3. Calcium is called a mixture of aluminate and calcium silicate.
Answer: Cement
4. In citrus fruits
Answer: citric acid
5. The unit of work
Answer: Joule
6. By what name is chloro-fluoro carbon known?
Answer: Freien
7. The only acid that melts gold
Answer: Aqua Regia
8. The primate of modern atomic theory is considered
Answer: To John Dalton
9. What types of teeth are used to cut apples from teeth?
Answer: rodents
10. Combining which two colors, green color is prepared
Answer: Orange and purple
11. The meaning of RNA
Answer: Ribo Nucleic Acid
12. What is the movement of the pendulum?
Answer: Oscillation speed
13. What percentage of total gases present in the atmosphere is nitrogen?
Answer: 78%
14. What do the practitioners use to check patients
Answer: Stethoscope
15. Malaria is related
Answer: from fever
16. Blood glucose level control is the hormone
Answer: Insulin
17. By using calcium hydroxide, the plaster of mortar is made known by which name?
Answer: Lime water
18. Assistant in photosynthesis, what is called green matter of leaves?
Answer: Chlorophyll
19. What is the gas in the air due to the presence of which gas?
Answer: Oxygen
20. Whose unit is 'Bar'
Answer: Atmospheric pressure
21. The conformation is called the conversion of substance directly into the vapor phase.
Answer: Sublimation
22. Whose layer is made of silver due to its formation
Answer: Sulfide layer
23. There is reason to be smallpox
Answer: Virus
24. SI unit of resistance
Answer: Ohm
25. The busiest human organ is
Answer: heart
26. Simple and used baking soda in the bakery is actually
Answer: Sodium bicarbonate
27. The unit of heredity
Answer: Jean
28. Discovering the Rule of Heredity
Answer: Gregory Mendel
29. Cell membrane is found
Answer: both in plant and animal cell
30. The permanent hardness of the water can be removed
Answer: By putting potassium paramagnet
31. Water has maximum density
Answer: at 4 ° C
32. What is used to remove the blurred vision
Answer: Concave lens
33. Human body is the largest artery
Answer: Aorta
34. The largest natural satellite in the solar system
Answer: Ganymede
35. In which part of the body is iodine stored
Answer: Thyroid gland
36. What is the nucleus of plane mirror
Answer: infinite
37. What is the strength of sound depends on?
Answer: Dimension
38. Which stimulant exists in tea
Answer: Caffeine
39. Filariaris is caused by disease
Answer: worm
40. Human is urine
Answer: Acidic
41. Vitamin A is the chemical name
Answer: Retinal
42. Where is the application of cryogenic engines?
Answer: Racket Technology
43. What glands are found on the side of palak
Answer: Mebomian
44. Which part of the human nervous system has no enzyme
Answer: Grassica
45. Which enzyme is released from the stomach wall
Answer: Gastrin
46. ​​What kind of a tissue is blood?
Answer: connective tissue
47. Whose split occurs in cytokinesis?
Answer: Cellulose
48. Snake poison is
Answer: Protein
49. Which union has the highest number of castes
Answer: Orthopoda
50. The human body is the most commonly found element
Answer: Oxygen
51. Human blood pressure is measured with what artery
Answer: Brankial Artery
52. Humor is the chemical name of gas
Answer: Nitrous oxide
53. is the inventor of calculus
Answer: Isaac Newton
53. What is the conversion of sweet potato
Answer: Root
54. Who destroy the virus of AIDS?
Answer: Lymphocyte
55. The finger nail is present in the protein
Answer: Globin
56. The birds are called the process of flying
Answer: Braille
57. What is the protein part of enzyme called
Answer: Apoenzyme
58. Which hormone is called 'emergency hormone'
Answer: Adrenaline
59. The center of intelligence is located
Answer: In cerebral cortex
60. Which enzyme helps in becoming a clot
Answer: Renin
61. Which enzyme is responsible for the digestion of carbohydrate in our body?
Answer: amylase
62. What is the division of centroid
Answer: Carriocinesis
63. The branch of science which studies the process of 'old age'
Answer: Gerontology
64. What is the unit of protein
Answer: Amino Acids
65. Which part of our body is made of antibity?
Answer: Tanisel
66. Cellulite of bacteria is formed
Answer: Fats and cellulose
67. The plasma membrane is made of
Answer: Lipids and proteins
68. The cell is the main ingredient of the wall
Answer: Cellulose
69. What are the genetic units carrying genes
Answer: Chromosome
70. Which nitrogen is essential component?
Answer: Protein's