General knowledge part 2 | india gk in english

General knowledge part 2

india gk in english
General knowledge part 2 , General knowledge , General knowledge in english
india gk in english

Que - India's first nuclear submarine

ANS - I.N.S. wheel

Que - First woman secretary of the Rajya Sabha

ANS - BS Ramdevi (1993)

Que - the country's first female ambassador

ANS - Vijayalakshmi Pandit (Soviet Russia 1947)

Que - First Lady MP of the Central Legislature

ANS - Radhabai Subariyan (1938)

Que - The country's first woman judicial officer (Munsif)

ANS - Anna Chandy

Que - India's first nuclear reactor

ANS - Apsara

Que - First woman deputy chairperson of the Rajya Sabha

ANS - Violet Alva (1962)

Que - First woman actress to become chief minister of any state

ANS - Janki Ramachandran (Tamil Nadu 1987)

Que - India Vision 2020 by whom

ANS - S. P. Gupta Committee

Que - First woman mayor of any city in the country

ANS - Tara Cherian (Madras 1957)

Que - India's first female prime minister

ANS - Indira Gandhi

Que - United Nations General Assembly's first woman president

ANS - Vijayalakshmi Pandit (1953)

Que - India's first submarine

ANS - I.N.S. Kaveri

Que - Ajatshatru who believed in religion

ANS - To Jainism

Que - India's first aircraft carrier

ANS - I. N. S. Vikrant

Que - India's first mid-range missile

ANS - Fire

Que - India's first missile

ANS - Earth

Que - Period of 12th Five Year Plan

ANS - 2012 to 2017

Que - What is the longest mountain in the world

ANS - Andes Ranges

Que - Bordeaux port of France is located on the banks of the river

ANS - Geron

Que - Which device is used for high temperature measurement

ANS - Pyrometer

Que - Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, under which Section provides for the provision of special court

Railway 2018 Exam

Que - When is the maximum distance between the sun and the earth

ANS - 4th of July

Que - In what days the investigating officer will submit his report for crimes committed under Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989


Que - The opiometer used to go into

ANS - In Distance Measurement

Que - First Lady Magistrate

ANS - Omna Kunjamma

Que - How many minutes does Sun reach the earth


Que - Fatehpur Sikri is located in which state

ANS - Uttar Pradesh

Que - Varuna planet is green due to the presence of which gas

ANS - Methane

Que - Which is the smallest ocean in the world

ANS - Arctic Ocean

Que - What is the line combining the Earth's North Pole and the South Pole

ANS - Longitude Line

Que - What is the world's highest volcanic field

ANS - Philippine Islands

Que - Which is the world's largest tea producer country

ANS - India

Que - Which is the world's largest long producer country

ANS - Zanzibar

Que - Where was the capital of Magadha and who built it

ANS - Rajgaur, Bimbisar

Que - Who is the world's largest producer of silver

ANS - Mexico

Que - Who is famous as the land of thousands of lakes

ANS - Finland

Que - Which religion was adopted by Bimbisar

ANS - Buddhism

Que - The first Indian woman cricket team captain

ANS - Shanti Rangaswamy (Karnataka)

Que - Who was the political guru and patron of Shivaji?

ANS - Grandfather Konddev

Que - What is called Islamic Mystic Movement

ANS - Sufi movement

Que - India's first female ruler

ANS - Razia Sultan

Que - First woman president of the Assembly of any state of India

ANS - Mrs. Shanno Devi

Que - First woman president of Indian National Congress

ANS - Annie Besant

Que - First Revolutionary Woman

ANS - Madam Cama

Que - the country's first woman advocate

ANS - Regina Cave

Que - The country's first woman barrister

ANS - Cornelia Sorabji

Que - Which is the largest river flowing in India

ANS - Ganges

Que - First woman Chief Secretary of any state of the country

ANS - Padma

Que - First Lady Secretary of the High Court Bar Association

ANS - Priya Himorani

Que - Who is the exponent of the theory of monism?

ANS - Shankaracharya

Que - Stupa is the symbol of Buddhism

Answer - Mahaparinirvana