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Questions from the GST Exam

Goods and Services Tax (GOOD AND SERVICES TAX)

1- What is the full name of GST?
ANS - Goods and Services Tax (GOOD AND SERVICES TAX)

2- Which is the first country in the world to introduce GST
ANS-France 1954

3- The constitutional amendment under which GST was passed in India?

4- What is the total number of members in the GST Council?

Which is the first state to pass 5-GST to India
ANS - 1-Assam-12 August 2016

6- India's GST is based on which country's model?

7- When was GST introduced in India and service tax?
ANS - July 1, 2017
Earlier it was going to be implemented on April 1, 2017.

8- Who has suggested to introduce GST in India?
ANS - Vijay Kelkar Committee

9- Who was the head of the committee to draft the first GST bill?
ANS - Asim ten Gupta

10-GST bill passed in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha?
ANS 1-Rajya Sabha - 3 Aug 2016
2- Lok Sabha - 8 o'clock 2016

11- How many votes do you vote for the GST in favor of the bill?
ANS-336 in favor of party and 11 in opposition

12- When did the President approve the GST Bill?
ANS - September 8, 2016

13 - How many digits are there in GST registration?

14-How many types of GST are there?
ANS- 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, 28%

15- How many countries have adopted GST?

16- When was the GST proposed in India?

17-GST is the headquarters of the council
ANS - Delhi

18- Who is the lexicon of the present GST Council?
ANS - Arun Jaitley

19 - GST bill was said to pass before all?
ANS - Telangana

20- Is not the only state of India passed the GST?

21-GST days will be celebrated?
ANS - July 1

22- How many years of imprisonment will you get for theft of GST?

23- Which type of tax is GST
ANS - indirect

24-What is the portal designed for GST administration?
ANS - GST portal

25- Which of the two IT companies of India is associated with the GST network
ANS-Infosys and Wipro