English grammar practice set for competitive exams 2021

 English grammar practice set for competitive exams 2021 - 

English grammar practice set for competitive exams 2021

English grammar practice set for competitive exams 2021
English grammar practice set for competitive exams 2021

Q.1. One who studies the origin and growth of language: 
[A] Philologist
[B] Linguist
[C] Bibliophile
[D] Gourmet

[E] Archaeologist

[B] Linguist (भाषाविद)

Q.2. The study of right and wrong in human conduct : 
[A] Semantics
[B] Ethics
[C] Aesthetics
[D] Anaesthetics
[E] Morality

[B] Ethics (आचार-विचार)

Q.3. The school or college in which one has been educated : 
[A] Alma mater
[B] Alumni
[C] Cloister
[D] Calvin
[E] Matinee

[A] Alma mater (मातृ संस्था)

Q.4. One who is morbidly anxious about ones health : 
[A] Maniac
[B] Valetudinarian
[C] Pessimist
[D] Hypochondriac
[E] Sagacious

[D] Hypochondriac

Q.5. One who is easily folled : 
[A] Credulous
[B] Gullible
[C] Bully
[D] Voluble
[E] Tractable

[B] Gullible (भोला)

Q.6. One who collects postage stamps : 
[A] Sinecure
[B] Gourmet
[C] Philanderer
[D] Philatelist
[E] Maniac

[D] Philatelist (टिकट संग्रहक)

Q.7. A word which can be interpreted in any way : 
[A] Amphibious
[B] Ambiguous
[C] Anachronistic
[D] Confusing
[E] Desultory

[B] Ambiguous (अस्पष्ट)

Q.8. A thing which catches fire easily : 
[A] Callous
[B] Efflorescent
[C] Effervescent
[D] Inflammable
[E] Impatient

[D] Inflammable (ज्वलनशील)

Q.9. One who hates mankind : 
[A] Mercenary
[B] Neurotic
[C] Philanthropist
[D] Misanthropist
[E] Callous

[D] Misanthropist (मनुष्यद्रोही)

Q.10. Animals which live both on land and in water : 
[A] Abstemious
[B] Ambiguous
[C] Amphibious
[D] Rapacious
[E] Delectable

[C] Amphibious (उभयचर)

Q.11. A science which studies insects : 
[A] Entomology
[B] Epistemology
[C] Etymology
[D] Biology
[E] Geo biology

[A] Entomology (कीटविज्ञान)

Q.12. That which cannot be conquered : 
[A] Inviolable
[B] Invincible
[C] Ineluctable
[D] Ineffable
[E] Indelible

[B] Invincible (अजेय)

Q.13. A disease which spreads by contact : 
[A] Infectious
[B] Contiguous
[C] Contagious
[D] Uxorious
[E] Herbal

[C] Contagious (संक्रामक)

Q.14. A person who is violently hostile to established beliefs, customs, traditions, institutions : 
[A] Heretic
[B] Agnostic
[C] Apothecary
[D] Theist
[E] Iconoclast

[E] Iconoclast (प्रतिमा भंजन)

Q.15. A tank where fish or water plants are kept : 
[A] Nursery
[B] Apiary
[C] Aquarium
[D] Aviary
[E] Hydro habitat

[C] Aquarium (मत्स्यालय)

Q.16. One who believes easily : 
[A] Sedulous
[B] Credible
[C] Assiduous
[D] Creditable
[E] Credulous

[E] Credulous (विश्रंभी)

Q.17. A speech made for the first time : 
[A] Simultaneous
[B] Drawn
[C] Extempore
[D] Uxorious
[E] Maiden

[E] Maiden (प्रथम)

Q.18. That which cannot be corrected : 
[A] Ineligible
[B] Ineluctable
[C] Inscrutable
[D] Incorrigible
[E] Intractable

[D] Incorrigible (असंशोधनीय)

Q.19. A child born after the death of its father or a book published after the death of its author : 
[A] Posterior
[B] Posthumous
[C] Pantomime
[D] Peripatetic
[E] Post Script

[B] Posthumous (मरणोपरांत)

Q.20. Round about way of saying : 
[A] Circumvention
[B] Circumspection
[C] Circumlocution
[D] Circumcision
[E] Circulation

[C] Circumlocution (कपटपूर्ण बातें)